Hostess with the Mostest

What makes a great party…the decor, the food, the guests? While all of those things are important, we think that the hostess is what really brings everything together to make the most memorble events. So we’re sharing some of our most valuable hostessing tips.



First impressions are not just important for job interviews! How your guests feel in the first 5 minutes of the party will influence how they spend the rest of the party AND will stick strongly to their memory of the event. So make your guests know: 1. exactly where to go/how to get to the heart of the party 2. where they can get their first food & drink and 3. how they can join in any ongoing activities or games


Game On

Not everyone will be interested in the same activities so it’s important that you have a small variety of things for your guests to do. We recommend offering a mix of styles such as one large group game (kickball, charades etc.), one small team activity (corn hole, ping (or beer) pong, etc.), and several pick up activities like decorating your drink cup, a photo booth area, and a large glass jar filled with candies that guests can guess the amount of (winner takes home the jar and its contents).



If you can manage to keep a secret, guests love when something unexpected happens. So maybe you can surprise your guests with a fun champagne toast, or bring out a basket of glow sticks and glow stick jewelry as the sun sets; the possibilities are endless and it doesn’t have to be expensive, a small gesture that no one knew to expect will go a long way.


Something for Everyone

It’s becoming more common that people are following special diets or avoiding certain food allergens, so make sure you provide a variety of dishes. Make sure ther are both appetizers and main dishes that omit meat, dairy or gluten, but are still filling. Dips like hummus or guacamole with veggies and chips are often a hit and most people can eat these items. For main dishes think of beans, ancient grains and grilled veggies to keep guests’ tummies full and happy.


Goodbye Gift

We think the last impression is just as important as the first, and with a little planning you can ensure your guests leave feeling appreciated. It can be something as simple as packing up leftover doggie bags for friends, or sending each guest home with a flower or balloon from your decorations. You could also go a little bigger and create party favor baggies; remember those being the best part of any kid’s birthday party?!

These are just a small handful of tips we thought of. We know that our readers are also some of the most hosting savy people around, so we would love to hear what tips you find to be the most essential for throwing a successful party! Tag us in your party photos on Instagram and caption what you think helped you get a hostess win!

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