Treat Yo' Mama


Oh how we love our Moms! And this year we felt like doing something a bit diffferent than a mani/pedi date or brunch at her favorite restaurant (not that we are knocking these tried and true gifts). So after digging around on the internet and talking with some of our gal pals for inspiration, we are sharing with YOU some of the out-of-the-box ways to say "Thank You” to Mom this year.


Hit The Road

Rent a classic convertable, the newest full-powered sports car, or whatever vehicle embodies her spirit and hit the road with Mom. The destination can be somewhere special or simply plan on having a few hours together on the open road. Don’t forget to put together a sing-along worthy playlist!


Get Hands On

Honor Mom’s artistic side and take her for a pottery, painting or glass-blowing class. Not only will you and Mom get some quality time, but she will walk away with a beautiful keepsake from the day.



Tell Mom it’s been a hectic week and you just want to invite her out for a drink or over for a quiet dinner. Then gather up as many loving friends and family as possible and surprise Mom with a room full of appreciation and celebration. P.S. We have the perfect party box for that. Check it out here.


Sweat Sesh

Sometimes being a Mom means putting your personal wellness aside. Well we think Mother’s Day is a perfect chance to make time for Mom’s wellness. Take her to her favorite Yoga studio or introduce her to your beloved Belly Dancing Class. You with both feel fantastic and ready for a post-class treat or champagne toast!


Glamour Shots

We all love to look back on old family portraits, but how often do they get refreshed once we grow up? Give Mom the gift of an updated professional portrait with her kids or the whole family, maybe there is even a new generation of moms to include!

We hope that you found these ideas as fun as we did! At the end of the day we know that no gift will really equal how grateful we are for the women who raised us, but any gesture, small or big, is always a good place to start.

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