Hey Grad, Listen Up!

As a new graduating class prepares to enter the working world, we asked our Confete staffers for their thoughts on the most practical advice they think this year’s graduating class should hear. Scroll on to see what they said.


Don’t Settle

Did you know that roughly only 31% percent of people actually have jobs related to their degrees? So many graduates are eager to just get a job, get off the broke train, and start earning cash. Our advice to you new graduates - FIND YOUR PASSION! Sit down and really think about what you love doing, what you hate doing and identify jobs that fit in the 'love' category. Pursue a job you would actually love rather than chasing a paycheck. For some that might be a job you got your degree in but for many that isn't the case. I know it seems like you need to get a job ASAP - but you really don't. Don't feel like you have a passion? Don't worry you do, you maybe just haven't put as much thought into it or maybe you don't think it's possible. We are here to tell you it is.

- Jamie



It is okay to not have a plan straight out of high school/college and even if you do have a plan, it’ll probably change several times! Get comfortable with taking life day by day and exploring what brings you joy. Don’t forget to try new things both professionally and personally. If you are a planner, what you CAN do, is try to be prepared for some of the possibilities which are approaching. Start there and let the rest fall into place.

- Madi


Keep Learning

You may be done with finals, but trust us, there is still lots to learn! Keep an open mind, and soak up all that you can from the new experiences and people who will come into your life. Read interesting books, find inspiring blogs, travel to foreign cultures, be observant. There will be as many things you learn about who you don’t want to be as who you do want to be, and both will be valuable.

- Maddi


Here’s to you!

Make sure to make time for yourself. After working hard towards that degree and finally getingt it, celebrate! Take some time for you to pat yourself on the back. Take a staycation or travel somewhere before you have to pay back those student loans. You have that degree and no one can take it away from you, you’ve earned it!

- Hollie

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