Rain rain, go away!

We all know the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”, but sometimes waiting is hard! We have teamed up to share some of our best rainy day mood boosting ideas to try and help each other stay afloat this month.


1. Spring Clean

Okay we know that cleaning is not always the most fun, but there is something about a deep spring clean and declutter that results in a seriously brightened mood and outlook. Put on your favorite playlist or podcast, break out some retro pink rubber gloves, and tackle those dust bunnies that have taken up winter residence in your home. Think of this as early prep for the next soiree on your hosting agenda.


2. Spa Day

Whether it’s at home or your local spa, alone or with a gal pal, go ahead and pamper yourself! The change in season means our skin, hair and nails have to adjust to a new climate so why not help the process along? Kids and/or a spouse preventing the zen you want at home; send them to pizza and a movie! A spa day does not need to break the bank and most items can even be made DIY; which makes for a double dose of crafting and self-care rainy day activities.


3. Seek Beauty

If mother nature isn’t blessing you with a colorful spring (yet), head to your local museum to see what uplifting art you can find. Many museums even have certain days or times that they discount the admission price for adults! If a museum isn’t exactly your taste, what about visiting the city aquarium or even a local library? The point of #3 is to get you out of the house and into a new inspiring environment, we prefer somewhere that is safe from the likely April drizzle going on outside.


4. Move that body

There are SO many ways to practice physical fitness that we wouldn’t dare tell you which is best for your body, BUT we will say that some form of exercise is so important not just for our bodies, but for our minds. Exercise is shown to increase your mood, immune system, and confidence. Fitness can be as gentle as a restorative home yoga flow, or as intense as going to a class at your local CrossFit gym. Maybe you are even lucky enough to catch a sunny afternoon and go for a walk, bike ride or jog in the park. Whatever form of exercise catches your interest, go for it!


5. If you can’t beat it…

No matter how much we ask it to go away, the rain will do what it wants. And to be honest we appreciate all the beauty it brings to the world, so our final tip is to join in the downpour. Treat yourself to a cute new raincoat, or rainbow umbrella, and then get out there! If the sun isn’t ready to shine, then we say you just have that much more room to show off your own shine.

Good luck out there Confete Insiders! We wish you as many sunshine breaks as possible, but hope you also can use some of our tips to appreciate even a few of those rainy days too!

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