Confetë Insider: Easter Trend Results Are In!


What Easter trends and traditions are Confete Partiers fans of?

Source: Colors Collective via Instagram

Source: Colors Collective via Instagram

For those of you who may have missed it, we recently took our most contested Easter debates to the Instastory polls. Even amongst staffers it can be a tough debate between which Easter candy reigns supreme, or which color palette is most seasonally appropriate, so we decided to widen the scope and ask our loyal followers to weigh in. Read on to find out where your votes rank among the trends of our followers!


Pastels over Brights

Our readers prefer a traditional pastel color palette for their Easter decorations. However 37% of our Insiders will bock the traditional for a more bold color scheme, you go you rebels!


Stay golden

A whopping 91% of you favor gold over silver, luckily we have TONS of gold features to shop!



Our insiders want to incorporate the new springtime blossoms into their party themes. 75% of readers want to style florals into their decorations instead of other patterns.


Chocoholics take
the cake

This choice creates some diehard bipartisanship: Peeps or Cadbury Creme Eggs? Amongst our insiders, the rich, dense, creme eggs are preferred to the fluffy marshmallow chicks. We won’t fault anyone for how they choose to get their sugar fix this season though!


Kids Only

With the tightest set of results, our readers voted that the Easter egg hunt is a kids only event. While we are all for making the day fun for our kids, don’t forget to plan something for the hardworking parents; mimosa bar anyone?!

With all of this being said, no matter your style, so long as you have fun while celebrating the start of spring, we support you. In fact we even have a new Party Box designed specifically to help you ring in the new season; suited to our Instagram poll results, its named Pretty in Pastel! Or if after this you post you are feeling particularly inspired to create your own theme, check out our Build a Party Box page to design your own decor with the help of our curated stock. Alright insiders, that’s all we have for now, sending our best party vibes your way and wishing you a happy spring!

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