How To Support Loved Ones Battling Cancer


Whether we’ve fought it ourselves, or supported a friend or family member through it, many of us have been affected by some form of cancer. Love, support, and help can make the fight so much easier. Having gone through this ourselves we wanted to share a few ways that you could help them out: 

  • Ask permission before visiting
  • Offer to spend time each week helping them around the house or in the yard
  • Run errands with or for them
  • Offer rides to or from appointments
  • Help them with childcare
  • Make a meal
  • Treat them the same
  • Ask them what they need you to do
  • Follow through with what you’ve said you’ll do
  • Listen to them, but don’t feel like you need to respond or fix their problems
  • Be sure to keep in touch and let them know how much you care for them

When it’s right for them, throw a party to show your love and support, or to celebrate being cancer-free!


Whip up some pink velvet cupcakes from I Heart Nap Time! Or, bake a cake and frost it with yummy buttercream frosting! Leave the frosting white, or add just a little bit of food coloring to add some more color to the party! And if baking isn’t your cup-of-tea, you can easily purchase delicious treats!


Another dessert we’ve seen floating around the internet for a while is the mammo-graham cookie! This slightly raunchy treat is sure to bring some smiles to the group!

As we continue the fight in memory of our loved ones who have battled cancer and for those still battling, we created our Slay Cancer Party Box. For every Slay Cancer Party Box that is purchased we will donate $20 to the American Cancer Society or directly to your Relay for Life team


These boxes are available for a limited time and will start shipping June 8th. Reserve yours today and give hope to ending the fight for future generations!


Jamie and Jess