‘Mom, We Miss You’

We don’t know about you, but we’re not sure where we would be today without our moms.  We are especially grateful this year in particular. Our moms have always supported us in our endeavors and aside from our husbands they have been our biggest supporters, cheerleaders, and party ambassadors when launching Confetë.   

After thinking about how happy we are to celebrate our moms this year our CEO and Creative Director, Jamie Taylor, couldn’t help but feel guilty for having the opportunity to celebrate Mother’s Day with her mom.  Almost this same time, three years ago, her husband lost his mother to cancer.


She realized that not everyone has the ability to physically celebrate Mother’s Day with their moms and she wanted to find a way for her husband to look forward to Mother’s Day.  Here are a few ideas she has come up with on how to keep their spirits alive and continue to celebrate the time you had with them.  

  1. Make her favorite dinner or classic family recipe.  My mother in law had an appetite for steak, potatoes, and green beans.  It’s always fun to go around the table and share a favorite story and toast with her favorite drink. 
  2. Watch videos! We lost my mother in law when my son was 6 and I wanted him to see first-hand their relationship and memories. We have technology right at our finger tips and although it may hurt at first, it’s also nice to see and hear her voice again. 
  3. If you're able to, visit her and bring her favorite flowers.  My mother in law’s cemetery is quite a drive from our house so we aren’t able to just hop in the car to go visit her.  So instead we pick up a bouquet of her favorite flowers to have in our house as a reminder.

We cannot change what has happened, but we can choose to keep their spirit alive and celebrate the time we did have with them.  We hope you all have a Mother’s Day celebration you deserve.  


Losing a family member to cancer is something many of us are all too familiar with and it hits very close to home at Confetë.  That is why we decided to design a limited edition ‘Slay Cancer Party Box’ in honor of Jamie’s Mother in Law and everyone fighting cancer.  $20 of every Slay Cancer Party Box purchase will be donated to the American Cancer Society. We will even donate directly to your Relay for Life fundraising team.  During checkout please provide your team name, city and state when asked.  


Slay Cancer party boxes are available for presale right now!  You can reserve your party box here and help us give hope to those fighting cancer right now.