Balloon Letter Color-Blocking DIY


We are crafters at heart, but with Jess and I both being very busy moms and business owners it leaves very little time to actually craft these days.  So when we do, we look for simple yet stylish hacks.  We wanted to spice up our balloon letters for our Easter Party Box photoshoot, plus give you a fun little DIY project.  So, we decided to color block our balloon letters!  It's so much fun and so simple, you can really create any design you want. 

Here's what you'll need: 


  1. Blow up the Mylar balloon letters and tape back the tag with scotch tape.
  2. Lay out your phrase on the floor to help plan out the design and the spacing of each letter, then use painters tape to tape your design to the balloon letters.
    Note: make sure the tape is fully attached to the balloon letters to avoid spray paint creep
  3. Spray paint each letter and let them sit until they dry completely. 

Make sure to blow up the balloons where you will be spray painting them.  If you blow them up in a warm environment and take them to a colder place to paint, the balloons will lose air and you will not get crisp lines.  

Have fun with this DIY and don't forget to tag @confetepartybox in your Instagram posts so we can see all of your fun creations!