A Simple and Modern Easter Party


I don’t know about you, but I love this time of year.  The sun is out more often, buds start blooming, and it’s the start of outdoor entertaining!  We couldn’t help but get excited about putting together an Easter Party Box.  The issue we had was choosing just one style of party box.  For our prepackaged party box we went with a pastel color palette with a modern flare.  But when we saw  Lily Ardor’s Modern Easter Egg DIY on Pinterest we couldn’t help but dream of a chic’ modern Easter table setting.

We started with a bold dinner plate that compliments the design of our modern Easter eggs. It would act as the anchor to the entire table setting. From there we stuck with a very minimal color palette.  We just love how the blush pink softens the rest of the collection.


The blanc baking cups are so perfect for fun Easter snacks or an Easter inspired cupcake, but we went very simple with (if you can believe this) store bought cupcakes!  We literally just slide it right into the baking cup sleeve.  An easy yet stylish way to dress up a cupcake.


Silver dollar eucalyptus is so popular and gorgeous that we couldn’t help but use our silk stems from our shop.  We went to our local grocery store and bought baby’s breath, purple and pink flowers as filler to dress it up.   


We love balloon letters and couldn’t help ourselves with this one!  We wanted to change up the basic gold letters so with inspiration from our color block party cups we taped and spray painted the letters and we LOVE how it turned out.  Check out our tutorial here so you too can have a little fun with your balloon letters. 


One last thought, or might I say a review.  We love Pinterest, but we can’t tell you how many DIY’s we’ve done and failed at.  So, in the spirit of helping a girl out, here are some tips from our experience creating these cute little modern Easter eggs.

  1. I did not have time to blow out an egg as requested in the DIY or more like I just didn’t want to take the time.  So I went to Joanne Fabrics and purchased paper mache eggs and spray painted them white. (so much faster!)
  2. The tutorial called for puffy black paint.  I went this route then quickly changed to a Sharpie.  (Can you tell I have little patience?) The Sharpie was much faster and they’re done when you are.  Although, if you have the time, the puffy paint does look better. 
  3. My local craft store ran out of gilding and the store clerk said I could also use mod podge for the copper leafing.  It did not work very well, so make sure to plan ahead and get the gilding.

We have so much fun creating different looks with our party décor.  You can recreate this look or create your own party box on our Build Your Party box website here.  Be sure to tag us in your pictures so we can reshare on our IG channel!  We love seeing what our customers create.



Jamie & Jess