Sip & Celebrate // The Small Successes

Long before launching Confete we knew we wanted to end our weeks with a bang! A mini party, if you will, aimed at reveling in our past week’s accomplishments. When starting a business the “successes” are at times hard to see but equally as important to celebrate.  For example, we hit 200 followers on Facebook in just one month from launching.  While that number may sound small to some – it is definitely a milestone to us at Confete and totally worth celebrating. 

So, we’d like to welcome you to what we call “Sip & Celebrate” Friday’s! We thought rather than celebrating alone we’d love to invite you, our Confete family, in on these mini parties.  Every Friday we will be sharing yummy cocktail recipes so you too can celebrate some of your weekly successes and join in on the fun.  What better way to end a work week and also ring in the weekend, right?

This week we’re toasting to an amazing summer that we’ve had here in the PNW with what we call “The Woo” cocktail.  This cocktail is simple and easy to make and goes great when throwing a party for your friends. It’s light, spritzy, and not too sweet.  



1 ½ oz peach schnapps

1 ½ oz vodka (we bought peach vodka and it was perfect)

3 1/2oz cranberry juice

Optional lime for garnish


How To Make

Layer each ingredient in a highball glass filled with ice.  Garnish with lime. 

NOTE: We did not use a highball glass as you can tell from the photo above, but it turned out just as amazing.


The Woo along with 19 other awesomely delicious recipes can be found in our Big City BBQ Party Box.  Check it out here >>

Cheers to an awesome week! Drop a note below; we’d love to hear what awesome things happened to you this past week. 

Jamie & Jess